Frequently Asked Questions by our Patients
Q. Are you accepting new patients?
A.  Yes, most definitely.  We welcome new patients and the opportunity to
provide excellent dental care to them.

Will my insurance cover this?
A.  All insurance coverages are unique.  You should check with your
insurance carrier or your employee benefits book to determine what dental
services are covered.  For major services we are happy to send a
predetermination of recommended treatment to your carrier so you know
your exact costs prior to treatment.

Do you take payments?
A.  We expect payment at time of service.  We will gladly submit your
insurance form for you but all co-pays, deductibles and patient balances
are due at the time of treatment.  We have finance options for those who

Where are you located?
A.  Our address is 22341 West Road in Woodhaven, MI.  We are located
approx. 1 mile WEST of I-75, exit 32.  We are between I-75 and Telegraph
roads in Woodhaven, MI. Our new building is located across from Gudith
Street.  Click on the 'Show Map' and 'Get Directions' links on this page for
more details.

Will it hurt?
A.  We take every measure possible to reduce or eliminate any discomfort
you may experience during dental treatment.  We use a topical agent prior
to administering anesthesia.  We offer nitrous oxide (gas) to help you relax.

Why do I need to have x-rays?
A.  To do an accurate diagnosis we must be able to see more than what is
visible to our eye.  An x-ray allows us to see if there is decay where one
tooth touches another or if there are any abnormalities in the bone or
around the root of the tooth.

What are sealants?
A.  Sealants are acrylic-like material that helps to shield out decay causing
bacteria from chewing surfaces of the back teeth.  A sealant bonds to the
chewing surface of the back teeth.  This forms a protective barrier
covering the pits and fissures of these surfaces.  
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