February Dental Office News
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This are credit option can make your dental costs more manageable.
CareCredit has NO INTEREST payment options.  
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We appreciate your patient referrals!

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Refer your family and friends to our dental office and for
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Philip  Duell,DDS, PC
            22341 West Road, Woodhaven, MI 48183           (734) 671-1620
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We now accept the Healthy MI dental plan - as well as-Healthy
Kid plans
Looking for health care coverage that works for your health and your
budget? There's a new option to help working people like you get
healthy — at a cost that works in your budget. It's the Healthy Michigan
Plan. The Healthy Michigan Plan makes health care benefits available to
individuals at a low cost. Learn more to see if the Healthy Michigan Plan
is for you and find out if you may be eligible at https://www.michigan.
Are you off school or work for
President’s Day on Feb 17th?

If so, we may still have a few
appointments available.
Please c
all us at (734) 671-1620 to
see if one is available for you or
your family members.
In February 2020 we are opening the
following Saturdays from 9:00am-2:00pm:

February 8th
  February 22nd

We are also open on 'President's Day',
Monday February 17th, from 9am- 6pm.
Should you brush or floss first?

While tooth brushing removes plaque from tooth surfaces, it
can't do the entire job of removing plaque. Cleaning between
the teeth daily with floss or other interdental cleaners
removes debris from between the teeth, where your
toothbrush cannot reach.  This is why Dr. Duell recommends
flossing your teeth first and then brushing them.  This allows
your fluoride toothpaste to be more effective as it touches
more surfaces of your teeth.