July Dental Office News
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Men’s Dental Health  

Although most people have some oral health problem at some point in their lives, men of all ages are more likely than
women to have more periodontal disease. A recent survey found that 34 percent of males aged 30 to 54 had
periodontitis, compared to 23 percent of females. And, 56 percent of males aged 55 to 90 have periodontitis
compared to 44 percent of females.

Why is periodontal disease a problem?
Periodontal disease is a result of plaque, which hardens into a rough, porous substance called tartar. The poisons
produced and released by bacteria found in tartar irritate gums. These toxins cause the breakdown of fibers that
anchor the gums tightly to the teeth, creating periodontal pockets that fill with even more toxins and bacteria. The
disease potentially may result in more serious health consequences, such as diabetes.

Do you take medications? Since men are more likely to suffer from heart attacks, they also are more likely to be on
medications that can cause dry mouth. If you take medication for the heart or blood pressure, or if you take anti-
depressants, your salivary flow could be inhibited, increasing the risk for dental caries. Saliva helps to reduce the
bacteria found in your mouth.

Do you use tobacco?   If you smoke or chew, you have a greater risk for gum disease and oral cancer. Men are
affected twice as often as women, and 90 percent of oral cancers occur in those over 45 years of age. The most
frequent oral cancer sites are the tongue, the floor of the mouth, soft palate tissues in back of the tongue, lips, and
gums. If not diagnosed and treated in its early stages, oral cancer can spread, leading to chronic pain, loss of function,
irreparable facial and oral disfigurement following surgery, and even death. More than 8,000 people die each year
from oral and pharyngeal diseases. If you use tobacco, it is important to see a dentist frequently for cleanings and to
ensure your mouth remains healthy. We perform a thorough screening for oral cancer at our office for you.

Do you play sports?  If you play contact sports, such as football, soccer, basketball, and even baseball, it is important
to use a mouthguard, which is a flexible appliance made out of plastic that is worn in athletic and recreational activities
to protect teeth from trauma. If you ride bicycles or motorcycles, wear a helmet.
Going on vacation this

Make an appointment for a dental
checkup before you leave for
vacation. A checkup is especially
important if you’ll be traveling in
developing countries or remote
areas without access to good
dental care.  Nobody wants a
toothache while on vacation!

Our office is closed the week of July
1st for our summer vacation that
includes celebrating the 4th of July.  
As always, we will pick up voicemail
messages at (734) 671-1620 while
we are away. We'll be back in the
office on Monday, July 9th, at 9:00am.
We hope you have a safe, fun, Happy
4th of July!